27 February 2018
Wonderful woodchip!

A practical one day workshop on using ramial woodchip, woodchip compost etc.

27 March 2018
CFE Hedge event at Elm Farm

Make hedge management work for your business & the environment

14 February 2018
Organic sector booming worldwide

57.8 million ha of organic land - The organic market grows to almost 90 billion US Dollars

13 February 2018
Addressing the crisis for new entrants to farming

Ecological Land Cooperative campaign for donations of land for new entrants to ecological agriculture.

7 February 2018
OK-Net EcoFeed for 100% organic feed

Changes to EU organic regulation triggers ‘grow local’ research for feeding pigs and poultry


The basics of soil fertility - shaping our relationship with the soil

English version of FiBL guide adapted by ORC available as hard copy or to download here

Creeping thistle - successful control in organic farming

English version of FiBL guide adapted by ORC available as hard copy or to download here

Sustainability and quality of organic food

English language edition of the FiBL dossier Sustainability and quality of organic food is available to download or to order a hard copy here

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