Marc Duponcel: EIP/ operational groups. What we expect and want?

Marc Duponcel (DG Agri) addresses the closing plenary ‘Farmer groups leading inno-vation and research’ session at the 9th Organic Producers’ Conference – 27th November 2014

Victor Leforestier: Experiences of BASE as an operational group – lessons learnt

Victor Leforestier (BASE, France) addresses closing plenary session at the 9th Organic Producers’ Conference November 27th 2014 Solihull

Patrick Holden: Thoughts on true cost counting, biological intensification, soil and ruminants

Patrick Holden (Sustainable Food Trust) addresses the opening plenary of ORC’s 9th Organic Producers’ Conference at Solihull – 26th November 2014

Allan Buckwell: What is sustainable intensification? Does organic farming fit the bill?

Prof Allan Buckwell (IEEP) addresses opening plenary at ORC’s 9th Organic Producers’ Conference in Solihull – 26th November 2014

John Pawsey – why organic farmers should support ORC

John Pawsey, organic farmer at Shimpling Park Farms in Suffolk gave this address to The Organic Producers’ Conference on 26th November, explaining why he supports The Organic Research Centre, what it does for the organic farming industry and why you organic farmers need to back it.