27 March 2019
The Wonders of Woodchip

This workshop will explore some of the many practical uses of woodchip on farms

3 July 2019
2019 OF&G National Organic Combinable Crops

To be held in Yorkshire

19 March 2019
Professor Martin Wolfe

Pioneer in agro-biodiversity

5 March 2019
A continued drive towards improving organic animal farming

New book on organic arable farming published

21 March 2019
In adversity, what are farmers doing to be more resilient?

Opportunities, barriers and constraints in organic techniques helping to improve the sustainability of conventional farming

The Organic Research Centre contact details

Elm Farm (main site)

Elm Farm, Hamstead Marshall, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 0HR
Phone (Switchboard): +44 (0)1488 658298
Fax: +44 (0)1488 658503
Email: elmfarm@organicresearchcentre.com

Google map of our location
Directions (PDF 307KB) to the Organic Research Centre, Elm Farm.

Please add +44 (0)1488 plus the extension number in the table below to convert to direct dial numbers. In many cases these will be forwarded to mobiles automatically if the person is away from their desk

Staff details

NameJob titleEmail prefixExtensionAdditional information
Mr. Stuart RogersInterim CEOstuart.r6231Strategic direction of ORC
Dr. Bruce PearceDirector of Research and Innovationbruce.p6232Research team leader, Contracts manager
Mr. Richard HolmesDirector of Finance and Resourcesrichard.h6233Team leader, Administration, Finances, Facilities and Human Resources
Dr. Susanne PadelSenior Programme Manager, Information Servicessusanne.p6234Team leader, Knowledge Exchange and Business & markets programmes
Ms. Suzanne OliverOffice and Facilities Officersuzanne.o6235Office & Facilities Management, Human Resources, Health & Safety, General Enquiries
Ms. Gillian WoodwardSenior Administratorgillian.w6237ORC project-based events, Publications, FABS Dean Organic Fund, Congress
Mr. Dom MonteiroFacilities Assistantdom.m6236Reception, Facilities & Maintenance
Ms. Sarah WebbFinance Officersarah.w6238Member of the admin team
Ms. Sarah BarrettSenior Fundraising and Events Administratorsarah.b6240Conference Hall Hire & Fundraising Events
Dr. Ambrogio CostanzoPrincipal Crops Researcherambrogio.c6241Team leader, Crops & Plant breeding research
Ms. Anja ViewegerSenior Crops Researcheranja.v6242Member of soils and cropping, and Environment, sustainability and health teams
Mr. Dominic AmosCrops Researcherdominic.a6243Member of the soils and cropping team
Dr. Charlotte BicklerSenior Crops and Breeding Researchercharlotte.b6244Member of the plant breeding team
Dr. Jo SmithSenior Programme Managerjo.s6245Team leader, Agroforestry research
Ms. Sally WestawayResearchersally.w6246Agroforestry, biofuels and crops research
Dr. Marion JohnsonPrincipal Livestock Researchermarion.j6247Team Leader: Livestock research
Dr. Lindsay WhistanceSenior Livestock Researcherlindsay.w6248Member of livestock team
Ms. Samantha MullenderSustainability Researchersamantha.m6250Member, Environment, sustainability and health programme
Ms. Lisa ArguileSustainability Researcherlisa.a6258Environment, Sustainability & Health
Mr. Mark MeasuresPrincipal Consultantmark.m552Director, IOTA, home-based
Ms. Katie BlissKnowledge Exchange Officerkatie.b6252Member of Knowledge Exchange team
Ms. Lydia MooreAgricology Project Managerlydia.m6259Based at Daylesford Foundation
Ms. Janie CaldbeckInformation OfficerJanie.c6253Agricology content editor, home-based
Dr. Stefano OrsiniSenior Researcherstefano.o6254Member, business and markets team
Ms. Olivia NelsonPolicy Researcherolivia.n6256Member, policy team
Ms. Penny DixonBusiness Development Officerpenny.d6257
Mr. Phil SumptionResearch Communications (freelance)phil.s6251Website, Bulletins, Social media

Email: all prefixes take the suffix @organicresearchcentre.com