Our vision

Together we’ll deliver the transition to naturally healthy and resilient farming systems.

We’ll do this by:

  • Leading change by connecting and collaborating internally and externally across our networks of researchers and farmers
  • Bringing new thinking to the mainstream by developing nature positive solutions through pioneering and rigorous independent research
  • Empowering people to embrace different ideas by translating our research into practical application and advice, influencing policymakers, farming communities and wider society
  • Demonstrating the economic as well as the environmental rationale for an alternative approach to improve livelihoods and social impact

Our activity to deliver our vision:

Participatory Research

  • We deliver and co-innovate practical, sustainable land management and food production solutions
  • We identify and drive our own research agenda using seed funding to pump-prime ideas to proof of concept
  • We gain recognition for scientific excellence and collaboration with a broad network of like-minded partners working nationally and internationally

Sharing our Knowledge

  • We provide unrivalled access to robust, applicable information
  • We disseminate past, present, and future research outputs that are accessible to all via a range of tested tools
  • We understand the importance of peer-to-peer exchange in driving change and deliver practical solutions for real impact

Influencing Policy

  • We build our reputation for providing sound evidence based on past and present research
  • We create an evidence base on which others can advocate the need and mechanics of change
  • We seek strategic collaborations to influence policy rather than acting in isolation e.g. through the English Organic Forum

Our values

Pioneering and innovative

Pioneering and innovative

We set clear goals and strive to deliver the greatest possible impact * We innovate across everything we do * We have a pioneering spirit * We are passionate about making a real difference however large or small.

Teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration

We are inclusive and collaborative internally and externally in everything that we do *
We are a small adaptive team working with flexibility and efficiency * We trust and support each other to work as one multi-disciplinary team * Our work is underpinned by having the right systems, processes and procedures in place.

Honesty, fairness and integrity

Honesty, fairness and integrity

We act with honesty and integrity * We provide and actively seek constructive feedback so that we can continually improve * We act with fairness to the individual, the team, the business, and the community * We respect diversity.

Our promises

Our promises
  • We promise that our research will always be based on the organic principles of health, ecology, fairness, and care
  • We promise that wherever possible our research findings will be made accessible to everyone
  • We promise to share our expertise across the whole agricultural community, regardless of whether a farm describes itself as organic or not
  • We promise to act in the interests of future generations so that everyone can enjoy our beautiful planet for millennia to come.

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