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Why support us?

Our research has made a big difference.
We’ve made so much happen over the past forty years …

A snapshot:

pioneering research into population breeding

We identify and drive our own research agenda using seed funding to pump-prime ideas to proof of concept which has led us to undertake pioneering research, for example into population breeding in wheat which has changed the EU law on the sale of organic seeds.

We consistently disseminate past, present, and future research outputs to ensure they are accessible to all via a range of tested tools and helped to provide unrivalled access to robust, applicable information.

We have gained recognition for scientific excellence and collaboration with a broad network of like-minded partners working nationally and internationally.

increase dairy yields

We’ve established leading organic marketing businesses in the UK, including the Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative (OMSCO), Organic Arable and Organic Seed Producers, giving farmers control over their markets.

We’ve built a reputation for providing sound evidence based on past and present research and made the successful case for support of organic farming, providing DEFRA with guidance and all the financial payment calculations for Countryside Stewardship schemes.

… and with your help we can do even more.

More work to increase wildlife diversity on our farms. More work to support farmers to switch to organic successfully. More work to bring organic techniques into mainstream farming.

Photo credit: Innovative Farmers

"The Organic Research Centre gave us the confidence to farm in a new way without chemicals that was way ahead of its time and we have continued to look to them to guide our direction of travel and challenge our thinking."

David Wilson, Farm Manager, Duchy Home Farm

"We have worked with the ORC to disseminate evidence and advocate the benefits of agroforestry within UK agriculture. As the interest in agroforestry from land managers grows, the ability or ORC to provide answers which are relatable to practical solutions is valuable and supports the work of the Woodland Trust's 'Trees for your Farm' scheme."

Helen Chesshire, Lead Farming Advocate, Woodland Trust

"The ORC plays a vital role for farmers and growers - a valuable repository of information on low-input farming, sharing research and innovations in anything from weeding styles to wheat varieties, soil fertility and disease protocols. It’s a barometer of sanity and research-based solutions for organic farmers like me, and I’m very happy to support it."

Sophie Alexander, Organic Farmer, Hemsworth Farm

Thank you for your support. It is much appreciated.

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