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We provide continuing research into organic and agroecological farming methods to improve the uptake, efficiency and development of organic farming, and to help agriculture fulfil the principles of health, ecology, fairness and care.

We’ve been exploring better ways to farm and feed ourselves, and safeguard natural resources, from many different angles since 1980.

Working with a varied network of collaborators, including universities, research institutes and leaders in British and European agriculture, our scientific research is based on:

  • Diversification. Harnessing the diversity of living organisms to fit agricultural production within ecological cycles.
  • Integration. Following an interdisciplinary approach mirroring the interactions between the different components of agriculture, from genes to society.
  • Participation. Working with farmers and other stakeholders to identify problems, co-create knowledge and work towards practical and applicable solutions.

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Knowledge Exchange

Co-innovation is at the core of ORC’s work. In our Knowledge Exchange and Policy work we expand the accessibility of the results of our research beyond those directly involved. This bridges the gap between our research and its application in a real world setting by effectively communicating our results, in tailored formats, to decision makers in agriculture and associated industries.

Decision makers can range from politicians and civil servants to individual farmers working to manage their farm according to organic principles to conservation organisations looking to understand how organic and agroecological farming can contribute to protecting nature. Ultimately, we aim to deliver the behavioural change necessary for fair transition to better farming systems.

Our team works to ensure that our research is available to food and farming practitioners in the best formats possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.


For an example of our knowledge exchange work, visit www.agricology.co.uk. Agricology is an independent learning platform bringing together the latest knowledge on agroecology from across the sector, bridging research and farmer experience (organic and conventional), regardless of labels.


Get in touch with Philippa Hall for ORC or Matt Smee for Agricology

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