Team profile
Matt Smee

Matt Smee

"Working at the ORC gives me the opportunity to help support, promote and share the types of farming practices that I am passionate about and believe need to be more broadly adopted. Having worked extensively as an organic grower and benefited from the knowledge and research shared by the ORC, it’s really special to now be a part of the team here."

Job title:

Farm Engagement Officer

Academic qualifications:

  • BSc (Hons) International development – University of Chester

Role and responsibilities:

My role at the ORC focuses on the Agricology website and trying to help answer the questions farmers have around adopting more sustainable farming practices. Much of my time is spent engaging with members of our steering committee and partner organisations, trying to search out the best information and practices that need to be shared with our ever-growing community.

Research interests:

Cover cropping, intercropping, living mulches, alternative weed management strategies, beneficial insect populations, adoption barriers to agroecological farming practices, soil health & agricultural development.

Interests outside of ORC:

Away from work you’ll find me in a few different places; in the kitchen pouring over cookbooks, climbing hills with my young son, trying to finish the thesis for my MSc or in the garden getting my hands dirty.