Team profile

Isi Mackintosh

"I believe organic and agroecological farming is one of the solutions to the urgent climate and biodiversity crises, whilst firmly believing that good healthy food should be accessible to all"

Job title:

Research and Field Assistant

Academic qualifications:

  • BSc Environmental Science (University of Exeter)

Role and responsibilities:

Supporting the research team across a range of existing and new projects including the collection of data from the field, data analysis, literature reviews and facilitating knowledge exchange events and activities.

Research interests:

During my undergraduate studies, I focused on evaluating the carbon sequestration potential and soil health within regenerative livestock systems. Additionally, I engaged in monitoring soil biological activity at farms across the Southwest. These experiences led me to participate in the Living Mulches project, which explored an alternative weeding solution and method of increasing nitrogen supply in organic systems. Currently, my research interests are varied and include assessing the performance of organic bean varieties as part of the Liveseeding project, facilitating knowledge exchange among agroforestry practitioners in the North of England Living Lab for ReForest, and conducting research on optimal composting methods and their application with Feed the Soil

Interests outside of ORC:

You will normally find me walking in the Black Mountains or attempting to surf Cornwall’s coastline, foraging along the way and cooking something up with what I have found!