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Janie Caldbeck

Janie Caldbeck

"I am motivated by leaving as gentle a footprint as possible on this beautiful planet of ours.”

Job title:

Researcher and Content Editor

Academic qualifications:

  • Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector Level 3 (Foundation course), Cornwall College School of Education
  • BSc (Hons) Horticulture, specialising in Ethnobotany and Science Communication (Duchy College, University of Plymouth)
  • Foundation Science degree Horticulture (Duchy College, University of Plymouth)
  • MA in Creative Writing (Bretton Hall College, University of Leeds)
  • BA (Hons) in English Literature and Inter-Arts (Bretton Hall College, University of Leeds)

Role and responsibilities:

As a member of the Knowledge Exchange (KE) and Research teams, I divide my time between working as principal copywriter / editor for Agricology and working alongside ORC researchers to deliver KE activities as required for various projects (i.e. ReForest and AGROMIX). This can involve creating both technical and more anecdotal, creative outputs such as case studies, often involving an element of storytelling. During my time at ORC I have worked as a technical writer on projects such as LegLINK and OSCAR, I have synthesised and communicated research from projects such as SEEGSLIP, DiverIMPACTS, and Farm System Health in Practice, and have been Agricology Content Editor since the launch of the project. I am leading on elements of the ORC comms work for the ReForest project, particularly focusing on developing a knowledge inventory and the North of England Living Lab. I have also produced numerous articles for external publications such as The Direct Driller and The Organic Grower and represent the ORC as the UK Organic Eprints editor.

Research interests:

My work mainly focuses on exploring agroecological and climate resilient farming practices and bridging the gap between research and farming practice, with a particular focus on both agroecology and agroforestry. I deploy and am interested in innovative, creative and impactful ways of engaging practitioners and communicating research, and cross disciplinary, participatory, and multi-actor approaches. I am particularly interested in exploring the many benefits of multi-layered food systems and ethnobotanical uses of plants and am driven by the need to protect and promote biodiversity and have local and fair food systems. The organic principles of health, ecology, fairness and care provide the ideal framework to guide this work.

Interests outside of ORC:

Growing lots of tasty veg, being on the tops of mountains and beside the sea, and visual, written and performance arts.


Practice Abstracts

Caldbeck, J (2022). The potential of biofumigation to control soil borne pests, pathogens and weeds practice abstract. DiverIMPACTS Practice Abstract, May 2022

Caldbeck, J (2017). Cultivating a diverse wheat population suitable for low-input and organic farming. OK-Net Arable Practice Abstract no. 7, 2017


Sample printed publications

Smith, J, Westaway, S, Caldbeck, J and Simonson, W (2024) Wakelyns Agroforestry: Resilience through Diversity. May 2024

Caldbeck, J (2021) Featured Farmer – Julian Gold The Direct Driller, July 2021 (14), pp. 6-10

Caldbeck, J and Sumption, P (2016) Mind the gap – exploring the yield gaps between conventional and organic arable and potato crops. Organic Research Centre Bulletin, December 2016 (121), pp. 9-15


Sample online farmer profile / podcast

Caldbeck, J (2022). The Barbour Family. Agricology farmer profile, July 2022

Caldbeck, J (2021). Agricology in the Field – Mike Mallett. Agricology Podcast, March 2021

Digital tools

REFOREST Knowledge Hub REFOREST, 2024

Designed the cover crop and living mulch database / decision support tool. See


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