Team profile

Dr Stefano Orsini

Job title:

Senior Researcher in Business & Markets
No longer works at ORC

Academic qualifications:

  • PhD in Agricultural Economics, University of Pisa and University of Bologna (Italy)

Role and responsibilities:

I was the leader of the socio-economic work-package in the EU-H2020 LIVESEED project, and principal investigator of the project funded by the UK Department of International Trade (DIT) and Defra “Evaluating the different approaches for improving UK organic trade statistics”. I also led tasks on supply chains in the completed projects EU-H2020 iSAGE, and the EU Evaluation project “Distribution of added value of the organic food chain”.

I also supervise students at SRUC for their MSc theses.

Research projects

Research interests:

My main research interests are in food market, food supply chain management and food consumer research. Trained as an agricultural economist, I enjoy working in qualitative as well as quantitative research.


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  • Gambelli D, Solfanelli F, Orsini S, Zanoli R (2021). Measuring the Economic Performance of Small Ruminant Farms Using Balanced Scorecard and Importance‐Performance Analysis: A European Case Study. Sustainability, 13, 3321
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  • Orsini S (2013). Explaining land management decisions to understand local landscape functions and change. Some insights from Tuscany. Local Environment, 18 (8), 934-949 : 
  • Orsini S (2013). Landscape polarisation, hobby farmers, and a valuable hill in Tuscany: understanding landscape dynamics in a peri-urban context. Danish Journal of Geography, 113 (1), 53-64 : 


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