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Team profile

Dr Stefano Orsini

“What I have found at ORC is the possibility to work daily with people with different backgrounds, including crop, livestock and sustainability scientists. This is a unique opportunity which helps me better understand the ultimate goal of what I work on as an agricultural economist.”

Job title:

Senior Researcher in Business & Markets

Academic qualifications:

  • PhD in Agricultural Economics, University of Pisa and University of Bologna (Italy)

Role and responsibilities:

I am currently the leader of the socio-economic work-package in the EU-H2020 LIVESEED project, and principal investigator of the project funded by the UK Department of International Trade (DIT) and Defra “Evaluating the different approaches for improving UK organic trade statistics”. Previously, I led tasks on supply chains in the completed projects EU-H2020 iSAGE, and the EU Evaluation project “Distribution of added value of the organic food chain”.

I also supervise students at SRUC for their MSc theses.

Research interests:

My main research interests are in food market, food supply chain management and food consumer research. Trained as an agricultural economist, I enjoy working in qualitative as well as quantitative research.


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