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Adam Payne & Dee Butterly

Adam Payne & Dee Butterly

Adam and Dee are experienced organic growers, having previously run a CSA scheme on rented land in Dorset. They are successfully moving up the notoriously difficult farming ladder and have purchased a 25 acre holding in Pembrokeshire. Their well-thought-out organic conversion is well underway, including 10 acres of vegetables in an orchard-based agroforestry system.

Careful soil management is beginning to deliver good crops, and they are effectively integrating wildlife into the farm, including the retention of ancient permanent pastures, interesting old oak trees in the hedgerows and growing beetle banks amongst the crops.

Business management is sound, and they expect to pay all their staff a good wage. With funding from the ORC Dean Organic Fund they have invested in good environmentally sound budlings, together with polytunnels and equipment for small scale growing.

Dee and Adam both have a background in community food schemes, and a great track record supporting others through the Landworkers Alliance. They will continue with their strong commitment to supplying food to the local Pembrokeshire community as part of a diverse marketing strategy for their produce.

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