Team profile

Sophie and Tom Gregory

Sophie and Tom show that it is still possible to get into farming and build a substantial business from scratch, with hard work and good management. Operating a share farming dairy business on a 1,000 acre, rented farm in Dorset they have been able to build their equity and convert the farm to organic standards during the last 9 years.

They put great emphasis on soil health and have been trialling alternative soil management strategies, and now introducing a potentially valuable composting system. The use of productive, multi-species leys and slot seeding clover in the longer-term pastures is the basis of this all-grass system. The 360 organic dairy cows are the outstanding feature; well suited Irish/Friesian breeding, fed a high forage diet, with bought-in concentrates and well managed buildings. The cows are looking great, performing well, and the Gregorys show how it is possible to provide good conditions and to care for cows as individuals, even with a larger herd. Their milk is sold to Arla.

Good provision of training to staff and strong engagement with the wider community is all part of the farm ethos. Active engagement with Arla’s Regenerative Farming Network and Sophie winning the Dairy Industry “Woman of the Year” in 2021 being notable achievements.