STOAS Course 1 Part 2

Event Date : May 27, 2013

to 28 May 2013

Billund, Denmark

These courses are free and there is 75% funding available on travel and accommodation

For enquiries on places available for UK participants – please contact Mark Measures if you would be interested in participating.

There are only 2 places available for participants from the UK. Participants will be selected on the basis of their application and the justification which the applicant makes for attending, so if you are interested please make a good case!

Course aims and content:

The Organic Research Centre working through the Institute Organic Training and Advice is a partner in a project providing a comprehensive training course (PDF 474KB) on farm sustainability assessment concepts and practices, which will include the ORC Public Good Tool and other tools developed in Germany and Switzerland. This is a pan-European project (PDF 1.3MB) which provides two Courses, each of four days split into two x two-day workshops, spread over 6 months. These courses will help participants to:

  1. develop their understanding of sustainability and the multiple objectives that organic farming needs to deliver
  2. learn about the principles and use of different tools and techniques that are available to assess farm sustainability
  3. understand the farming systems and practises that can be used to improve sustainability
  4. consider how to advise commercial farmers on the delivery of sustainability objectives as well as being profitable
  5. communicate the issues to the wider public, consumers, food companies and politicians.

Course 1. 27/28 May 2013. For executive staff and experienced advisers responsible for organisation management and overall development and implementation of the organisation’s sustainability policy and strategy.

The aim of Course 1. is to enable organisation managers/leaders to be better informed generally about sustainable farming principles and practices and the assessment tools available and to be able to develop policy and/or advisory or other services based on practicable and measurable outputs from farming.

Course 2. 3/4 June 2013. For practising advisers or inspectors working with farmers.

The aim of Course 2. is to support advisers and inspectors in their work, making sustainability the guiding principle of their services. Participants will learn how to use the sustainability assessment tools and discuss practical measures which they can use to advise farmers in becoming more effective in delivery of multiple sustainability objectives.


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