100% organic feed for pigs and poultry – results of an EU-wide project

The ICOPP (Improved contribution of local feed to support 100% organic feed supply to pigs and poultry) project has been carried out across a number of EU countries to investigate protein sources that could be used in a 100% organic ration for pigs and poultry. This presentation will give an overview of some of the results of the project, with regards to both pigs and poultry. These include some results on alternative sources of protein and on the benefits of roughage/feeding from the range. It will also give some additional detail on the research that was carried out in the UK by ORC and FAI. This looked at feeding broilers a feed that used European grown protein sources with algae as an alternative to soya and at feeding pigs a diet based on Lucerne silage using either soya, beans or peas to supply protein.


Theme: animal husbandry
Published: 27th November 2014
Author: Catherine Gerrard