A legislative framework that works for the UK – lessons learned and new opportunities

In March 2014 the European Commission published a proposed new legislative framework for organic production. This took a very principled, hard line approach that was widely seen as
unrealistic and failing to deliver on the aims of the review. Many feared that it would lead to a shrinking of the sector. After over a year of negotiations in Council Working Parties the Member States agreed on their position. Sometime later the European Parliament too reached a position and ever since discussion has been in ‘trilogues’ where the three institutions try to seek agreement. But
as we enter the Maltese Presidency, agreement has not yet been reached. I give an overview of how discussion has evolved, highlighting the key stumbling blocks, but also reflecting on the extent to which, as a whole, the package delivers on its original aims. I would also like to invite participants to consider to what extent the EU regulation delivers for the UK and the level of ambition for change in a life after we exit the EU.


Theme: business markets
Published: 21st February 2017
Author: Nick Turner