A researcher’s perspective of running on-farm trials

From a scientific point of view, running successful on-farm trials is usually a question of getting the balance right. Scale, size and scope of the experiment, as well as budget and labour are usually central items in this balancing act which have to be brought in line with expected results and benefits for growers and farmers. Particularly for small-scale on-farm trials, where financial and spatial restraints often play a significant role, the selection of a suitable trial design and methods is critical to maximise outcomes. Through field labs under the Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme, farmers have been able to share experiences and strengthen their knowledge on trialling their own research questions. Such small-scale on-farm trials are highly important, as they are addressing the farmer’s specific needs, especially tailored for their own holding, environment and system; making them more independent and less reliant on conventional and generalised research approaches.


Theme: other
Published: 27th November 2014
Author: Anja Vieweger