Challenges and benefits of organic production from an arable farmer’s perspective

I discuss the agronomic challenges of organic including weeds, diseases and pests of our crops, how we increase and maintain fertility on the farm and some solutions. I question where current organic research is leading us. I also talk about the need to reintroduce livestock into my system to address agronomic pressures. I discuss the challenges of the market as well as marketing and question whether or not we are giving the message that the public wants about what organic farming delivers and suggest that we need strong and new leadership to guide us down that route. I then discuss the real benefits of organic farming, firstly for business including the freedom that farming organically delivers to a business. I then discuss organic benefits for consumers which is based on the feedback we have had from the many farm walks we have had on the farm, and finally I discuss organic benefits to society which focuses on the long term responsibility to our soils


Theme: crop diversity
Published: 22nd January 2013
Author: John Pawsey