Developing Organic Export & Foodservice Trade

This session at the UK Organic Congress 2018 looked at how we can begin to capitalise on current market opportunities. How do we move forward and what do we need to do to move the various market opportunities for- ward in the UK? The session drew on the framework of the English Organic Action Plan (EOAP) to consider current and future trade options.

  • Export trade provides a role for reducing risk and expanding business portfolio, and there potential for market development when we benchmark with other world economies
  • Challenges for developing export trade are: Brexit uncertainty; cost of market entry; lack of detailed market information; regulatory equivalence; and price comparability on foreign markets.
  • Moving forward will require data capture, targeting markets, building export capability, and building a program of support.
  • There is a need for guidance and promotion of export finance initiatives that are available but not commonly known about, particularly smaller organic businesses.


Theme: business markets
Published: 16th November 2018
Author: Lee Holdstock