Farming for people and nature

Agriculture has been identified as one of the major drivers of biodiversity loss worldwide, and working to halt reverse the decline in farm wildlife has been a priority for RSPB for a number of years. Our vision is for a Sustainable Food and Farming system which is good for people and good for nature. We want to see sustainable systems of farming across the UK that restore biodiversity as well as producing safe, healthy food.
Leaving the European Union will be one of the most defining events for farming and the environment in living memory, and presents an unprecedented range of risks and opportunities. Policy will play a key role in navigating these to find a way forward for UK agriculture that is more sustainable, and better for nature, whilst securing a resilient and productive sector.

Working with other organisations, the RSPB has started to develop proposals for policy that achieves this aim, and we intend to play an active role in what needs to be a broad and inclusive debate about the future of the farming and the environment in the UK.


Theme: crop diversity
Published: 21st February 2017
Author: Tom Lancaster