Grown in Totnes – How local are your grains, peas and legumes?

Grown in Totnes is a project that seeks to increase the range of local food available to the Totnes area. We are very fortunate to have a vibrant High Street with many food shops that stock a vast array of locally grown and processed foods.

Local shops support local businesses; local farmers, local bakers, local cleaners, local IT services, this is an example of a circular economy, where the money spent just keeps circulating locally. Food is one of the few commodities left that we can still provide for ourselves locally. Grown in Totnes attempts to set a standard for ‘local’. We aim to bring all of the stages of production, marketing and delivery to within 30 miles of the town; following the concept of local through the whole of the chain.

At this workshop Holly will take you through the journey of how Grown in Totnes came in to being and brought the local community along in the process, she will describe the vision and discuss some of the pitfalls that they have encountered along the way in order to bring alive the reality of a resilient local food economy that includes plant based, protein rich foods.


Theme: business markets
Published: 28th January 2016
Author: Holly Tiffen