How can you sell directly in the digital age?

The Food Assembly is a network of online markets with weekly community collection points, enabling direct trade between local food producers and groups of customers. Using technology to shorten supply chains, our vision is to establish a more fair and sustainable way to produce and consume food. By cutting out middle men, we bring power back to producers who are paid a fair price and to consumers who learn where their food comes from.

Following a huge success in France where the model started in 2011, The Food Assembly launched in July 2014 in the UK and other European countries. The community-led network has grown very quickly, connecting over 200 food producers with 20,000 customers across the country. The Food Assembly offers farmers a unique web tool for online selling while fostering in- person contact with customers.

The ease of click-and-collect saves time, reduces food waste and constitutes a new way to reach customers. We’ll be showing how web technology is innovating the food system and look at how the Food Assembly model works for farmers.


Theme: business markets
Published: 28th January 2016
Author: Caroline Gothel