Investigating the potential of applying permaculture principles to UK arable farming

Federico’s research aims to:
Assess the existing permaculture arable/field scale projects currently in operation across the UK, giving agronomic, social and philosophical aspects equal importance.
Assess his own arable project over a minimum of four years, on the basis of its productivity, environmental and social impacts and economic/commercial viability.
Engage with other permaculture projects (as well as selected alternative farming projects) over the course of the research period, with a view to co-ordinating joint experiments/cropping comparisons etc…
Draw conclusions on the implications and wider potential of arable permaculture for UK food production and security. I will hypothesise whether the UK could be agriculturally self-sufficient and, if so, what form this agricultural system might take and what its social, economic and other implications would be.


Theme: other
Published: 27th November 2014
Author: Federico Filippi