Putting research into practice: lessons learnt from a field lab to reduce antibiotics on the dairy farm

An explanation of the Field Lab programme, who is funding it and why, the farmers involved and what was discussed in the early meetings – including nutrition, breeding, management, housing, mastitis treatments and protocol, homeopathy, prevention of mastitis and dry cow therapy.The decision to trial udder mint as a treatment for mastitis and high cell counts and the method used and welfare considerations for the cows. A description of udder mint, the composition, effect and side effects (samples will be available for an experience of the effect on skin). The results and conclusion of the trial, and the problems and benefits incurred. The next stage of the trial using udder mint as a preventative treatment for mastitis and high cell counts, including the method and monitoring of results. The benefits of the field lab, comments from the farmers involved and a commendation to William Waterfield, The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation, The Organic Research Centre, The Soil Association and Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme.


Theme: animal husbandry
Published: 22nd January 2014
Author: Christine Gosling