The EU expert group’s report and recommendations on poultry standards

n 2010, the EU Commission set up an expert group to advise it on technical issues relating to organic production. This group has been reviewing a range of issues making recommendations which in some cases have resulted in changes to the EU organic regulations. In 2012, the group examined a range of issues relating to organic poultry production, in particular with respect to housing, range management and stocking densities. The report was published at the end of 2012 and highlights the need for improvements in range management to ensure both a proportion of the diet coming from the range and appropriate safeguards, as well as rationalisation of stocking density rules across the different poultry types. It was expected that the report would be considered for changes to the poultry regulations in 2013, but the latest indications are that any changes will now be delayed until there is a full-scale revision of the regulations following reviews and consultations in progress.


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Published: 22nd January 2013