Organic Farm Handbook

The Organic Farm Management Handbook 2023

The Organic Farm Management Handbook is the only source of information on the costs and performance of organic farming.

At a time where external agricultural inputs are at a high, organic production as a solution to the transition to low input systems has never seemed more logical. This is one reason why we are relaunching the Organic Farm Management Handbook to assist organic farmers, and farmers considering conversion, with navigating difficult farm business decisions.

Since our last edition, the past few seasons have seen extraordinary market conditions. Brexit in 2019 created uncertainty around organic certification for those exporting to, and importing from, Europe. Further uncertainty then struck in the Spring of 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Food manufacturers had to adjust to new working conditions, food service shut down and retail sales had to be restructured. At the same time, demand for organic products rose through the pandemic lockdowns. After a tumultuous few years for the food and drink market, our hope is that the resurrection of the handbook will better equip organic farmers, growers, and prospective entrants with reliable market data, specific sector budgets, and sources of information and advice.

Meet the Editors: Nic Lampkin, Mark Measures and Susanne Padel

Organic Farm Management Handbook 2023

Information is key

One of the key barriers is the lack of current information on the costs and business performance of organic farms and related management issues that is vital to anyone contemplating the seismic shift to organic farming. The revised OFMH will provide that information – utilising in depth historical data and expert opinion.

It is the essential tool for understanding the economics of organic farming in the UK. It can:

Help with business plans and budgets

Provide a means of assessing the viability of
specific crops and livestock

Advise on conversion related innovations such
as new marketing approaches.

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Please note: Shortly after the 2023 Organic Farm Management Handbook was sent to print, a new payment rate was announced for organic top fruit on the 2nd of October 2023.

This now means that all revenue claim payments for “OR5: Organic conversion – top fruit” will be £1,920 per hectare for up to three years (full information available at: This affects information provided on page 51 of the handbook, where payment rate is stated as “OR5: Organic conversion – top fruit” at £1,254 per hectare, which was the figure provided at the time of print. The increase in payment is welcome as the production costs for organic top fruit farms have risen significantly in recent times. Please keep this new payment rate in mind when using the handbook.

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