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'Going for Growth' is the theme of this year’s UK Organic Congress held in Rugby on 15-16 November

The Role of Agroecology in Sustainable Intensification

Contract period:

1 January 2014 to 31 December 2015

Main funder:

Scottish Natural Heritage

Contact staff at ORC:

Prof. Nic Lampkin

Other staff involved:

Bruce Pearce, Henry Creissen, Catherine Gerrard, Robbie Girling, susanne Padel, Jo Smith, Laurence Smith, Anja Vieweger, Martin Wolfe

Project aims

The aim of the project is to provide a briefing paper for Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), acting on behalf of the Land Use Policy Group (LUPG) of the UK environmental, conservation and countryside agencies, on the contribution that agro-ecological systems and strategies can make to sustainable intensification in the UK and European context.

Specific objectives include:

  • Describe what agro-ecological systems and strategies exist in both a UK and a European context;
  • Explore the relationships between the sustainable intensification and agro-ecological concepts.

ORC's role

Project leader

Project leader and partners

ORC project leaders
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust


Lampkin, N.H., Pearce, B.D., Leake, A.R., Creissen, H., Gerrard, C.L., Girling, R., Lloyd, S., Padel, S., Smith, J., Smith, L.G., Vieweger, A., Wolfe, M.S., 2015. The role of agroecology in sustainable intensification. Report for the Land Use Policy Group. Organic Research Centre, Elm Farm and Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.


Pearce BD, Lampkin NH, Leake A, Padel S (2017) The role of agroecology in sustainable intensification Aspects of Applied Biology 136, Sustainable Intensification, pp. 53-62

Other output

ORC has produced a four-page summary document: The Role of Agroecology in Sustainable Intensification published in ORC Bulletin 119.

See also Press Release

See also Scottish Natural Heritage - The Role of Agroecology

Link to report on Scottish Natural Heritage website

All sources of funding

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), acting on behalf of the Land Use Policy Group (LUPG) of the UK