Team profile

Sally Westaway

Job title:

Senior Agroforestry Researcher

Academic qualifications:

  • MRes Ecology and Environmental Management. University of York
  • BSc Zoology. University of Manchester

Role and responsibilities:

I work within the ORC’s agroforestry team on a range of projects.

I lead an EIP Operational Group looking at using woodchip for soil health as one method of integrating trees and hedges into farms. I am the secretary of the Farm Woodland Forum ( and a member of the Hedgelink committee (

I acted as the innovation broker for the UK Agroforestry Innovation Network as part of the AFINET project. Past research I have been involved includes; setting up trials to enhance agronomic, environmental and economic performance of traditional and novel agroforestry systems (SustainFARM); sward development and management in silvopoultry systems as part of the AgFORWARD project; the management of traditional hedges for bioenergy (TWECOM), conservation tillage (TILMAN-ORG), and the use of cover crops in organic rotations (OSCAR).

Research interests:

I am interested in a whole system approach which links landscape ecology with sustainable food production systems and specifically in practical applied agroecological research which both connects and engages the farming community.



+44 (0)1488 646246