Oil-proof food production

Oil – proof food production

Organic agriculture and other forms of ecological agriculture have received a boost in a new report from the House of Commons All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil.

The report says that – “Key to adapting to Peak Oil and Climate Change is the design of resilient and flexible systems that ultimately return control over food production and supply to local people. This creates independence from external suppliers of seeds, fertiliser, pesticides and water, and so builds resilience and stronger local economies, health and wellbeing.

“When viewed in terms of resource use efficiency, ‘External Input’ agricultural models of
Green Revolution and genetic engineering technologies fare poorly compared with ‘Internal Input’ ecological agriculture, where productivity is based upon biodiversity and full and efficient utilisation of biological resources (Figs. 5 and 6)28. Such agro-ecosystems more closely resemble natural systems, use polycultures with smaller or no external energy input while delivering higher combined yield of all farm products than a single monoculture crop. They are better at supporting ecosystem functions and are more resilient to Climate Change.”

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