On Jamie and organic chicken

Chicken dinners fly off shelf…
The “Jamie Oliver” effect, resulting from the screening of the TV show Jamie’s Fowl Dinners, is seeing supermarkets suffering shortages of free range and organic chicken, reports the Daily Mail.
Industry figures show sales of organic chicken are up by nearly 40 per cent in the last few weeks with an even bigger boost reported in sales of free range birds and so-called “high-welfare” chicken. The RSPCA claims that sales of all the various types of chicken raised in more animal-friendly conditions, including its own Freedom Foods label, are up by about 50 per cent.
A crunch point has arrived in the market, say analysts, where there are now not enough free range and organic producers in the UK to meet this enhanced demand. As a result there have been reports of empty shelves at leading supermarkets across the country over recent weekends.

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