ORC Conference proceedings

“Doing it right, doing it better” proceedings
Full proceedings from The Organic Research Centre’s December 2007 producer conference, hosted in collaboration with Organic Inform, are now available online.
After the successful Cirencester producer conference of December 2006, The Organic Research Centre – Elm Farm, in conjunction with Organic Inform, presented a second conference at the Royal Agricultural College. The conference took place on 10th and 11th December 2007 and attracted over 170 farmers, producers and other industry players.
The whole conference was deliberately producer- focused with the parallel workshops planned and organised in collaboration with producers themselves. Five strands of workshops – horticulture, arable, poultry, dairy and beef & sheep – were complemented by joint sessions on matters of common interest such as sourcing organic feedstuffs and the challenge of the new EU Organic Regulation.
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