Organic solution to wrold hunger

An organic solution to world hunger

The charity Send a Cow has urged world leaders meeting in Rome to invest in small-scale organic farming as the best way out of the world’s food crisis for the poorest of the poor. At the Organic Research Centre – Elm Farm, we heartily agree.

The food crisis summit, organised by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, is discussing how to address the rising cost of food, which has pushed millions of people worldwide into hunger, leading to riots in some areas.

Send a Cow, which runs sustainable agricultural programmes in Africa, says that poor rural people in developing countries can best protect themselves against increased costs in food prices by moving towards self-sufficiency.

And they can avoid the rising cost of chemical fertilisers – which are based on oil – by using composted manure to fertilise their land. Even before the recent hike in fuel prices, most very poor farmers in Africa were unable to afford such fertilisers, and struggled instead to grow food on infertile land.

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