Re-think on EU logo

Second thoughts on EU organic logo

The European Commission has confirmed that the implementation of the new EU-wide organic “Bio” logo will be postponed until 2010.
“The European Commission is fully committed to promoting and encouraging the organic food sector in the European Union. Part of this process is an EU-funded promotion programme for organic food and the development of a new EU logo for all organic products. The Commission has decided to launch a promotion programme this summer,” says Commission spokesman Michael Mann.
“As part of this programme, we will launch a competition, open to all EU citizens, to design a new logo. This will replace the draft logo which has recently been circulated,” says Mr Mann.
But even as the “Bio” logo issue is thrown into the long(ish) grass, concerns remain in the UK about the real detail of the new EU Organic Regulation.
The new regulation takes a “top-down approach”; it doesn’t allow for higher standards of organic production to be marketed; derogations will be managed by the European Commission and not by certifying bodies; inputs will no longer need to be recognised by the certifying body; any new logo with an EU/non-EU label doesn’t provide information on localisation of product; the 0.9% threshold level for GM contamination is doubtful and unacceptable.

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