Sterile cul de sac of GM crops

Sterile cul-de-sac of GM crops

Commentary from the Organic Research Centre

As promise piles on promise for what these “second-generation” GM crops will deliver, the truth is that these companies – Monsanto, Syngenta and so on – have so far failed to deliver crops capable of thriving in drought, salt or nutrient deprived conditions. That breakthrough eludes them. And doubts about future delivery are fuelled by the over-hyped promise of their first generation Roundup-Ready and pest resistant crops, which has not been met.
The recent IAASTD report (International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development) concluded that for food and crop production “business as usual is no longer an option”. It called for a shift to ‘agroecological’ food production. In fact large sections of the IAASTD favoured organic production, much to the anger of the United States and the GM lobby.

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