Sustainability tool analysis

There are a range of farm sustainability tools available for researchers and farmers alike. This table has been created as part of the Re-Livestock project in order to further clarify where the PG Tool sits in relation to other existing tools. While there have been research papers in the past which compare sustainability assessment tools, they are often not accompanied by an additional resource to effectively communicate their results to a wider audience. This table hopes to achieve this by providing summarised details on the origins, purpose, method, time to complete, examples of use, and overall positives and negatives for 8 farm sustainability tools.

The tools described here have been chosen due to their similarity to the ORC’s PG Tool, as well as their popularity in previous farm sustainability projects. Whether you’re a farmer looking to understand your operations better or a researcher exploring potential tools for data capture, this table will provide a useful overview of the myriad of farm sustainability assessments.


Published: 12th May 2023
Author: Christian Gossel