The Challenges of Breeding the Best Varieties for Regenerative Agriculture – Groundswell 2022

Discussion from Groundswell 2022.

Speakers: Dr Phil Howell, Dr Stéphanie Swarbreck & Dr Ambrogio Costanzo

How can plant breeding and variety selection help regen ag? What are the challenges for breeders and how can they be overcome? With modern genetics and breeding we can shift our selection criteria to match the market, but there will be a lag while these percolate through.

There are technical issues – how to grow small plots under no-till conditions, when the drills are designed to push through the crop debris by being big and quick etc. How to convince breeders to develop blends, or varieties that blend well, when their business model (and the whole certified seed system) is based on identity preservation.


Theme: crop diversity
Published: 17th July 2022
Author: Groundswell