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Trees and livestock

What is the role of trees and woodland on an upland livestock farm today?

Agroforestry: How trees can work on your farm

Report from workshop held at Elm Farm

New report explains why UK farmers still aren’t planting trees on their land

A Defra-funded systematic review by a team of progressive UK farming and woodland advocacy organisations points the way to increased adoption of agroforestry by farmers post-Brexit. An influential new report written by researchers at the Organic Research Centre has been released on why uptake of agroforestry in the UK remains stubbornly low. Agroforestry is simply the planting of trees on agricultural land but farmers usually plant trees with benefits in mind. This can include using ...

Trees and livestock

A practical one-day workshop integrating trees, woodland and livest

Trees on Farms: Podcast mini-series

Check out the Trees on Farms podcast mini series from Meet the Farmers - a weekly show that profiles people in the countryside and gives you an insight into food and farming.

Conversation beneath the trees

Conversation Beneath The Trees is a podcast bringing together scientists, farmers and innovators from all around Ireland to share their ideas and experiences of farming with trees.

Farming with trees

Woodland Trust/Soil Association event at Rhug estate

Podcast: How trees can increase livestock's welfare and productivity

ORC’s Senior Livestock Researcher Lindsay Whistance features on a fascinating recent Regenerative Agroforestry Podcast. Through Lindsay’s extensive knowledge of silvopasture, she enables us to see agroforestry from the animal’s perspective. Trees can provide livestock with shelter, food, medicine and even encourage social interactions between animals. These benefits are not only important to provide livestock with a stimulating and pleasant environment but they also reduce sources of stress and increase the productivity of the herd. The ...


Trees on livestock farms

Presentation at 7th Organic Producers' Conference: Making producer-led innovation a reality

Trees provide fodder and boost production

Presentation at 10th Organic Producers' Conference. Common ground: agroecology, food sovereignty and organic farming in practice