Seminars with Iain Tolhurst

Seminars with Iain Tolhurst: learn from a lifetime experience in food growing

Extensive programme of one-day practical seminars on “ins and outs” of organic farming

Iain Tolhurst, Tolhurst Organics

Iain Tolhurst has been a practising organic vegetable producer for over 37 years, one of the original pioneers of the organic movement in the UK. He is internationally renowned and has taught organic systems in many parts of the world.

To capture the wealth of his skill and knowledge, for future generations, Tolhurst Organic are launching a series of practical seminars for both aspiring and experienced growers.

 As an accomplished and dynamic teacher with wide range of experience, Iain is able to bring a group of people together and encourage them to think for themselves for the good of the whole group, so everybody learns a piece from each other.

The wonderful highly acclaimed organic farm on the beautiful Hardwick Estate that he runs is the main tool in the practical learning exercise.

Lunch is for many a highlight of the day, as much as possible of the food is from the farm with everything including the tea and coffee being organic. The day starts and ends with tea/coffee/biscuits and you will find great company to chat with, in a beautiful environment.

All seminars start at 10am and last for 6 hours, including lunch. Cost is £55 + VAT. Discounts apply.  For more details of the farm and vegetable business see: 

2013 Seminar Programme

 17 June: Farm Footprint – Towards a Carbon Zero Farm?

This seminar will look at what you can do to reduce your farm’s energy use and how you could even head towards a zero carbon footprint. It will explore the possibilities of actually replacing carbon lost through your inputs to carbon gained via the ability of plants and soils to sequester carbon. This approach is designed around the working farm, how you can maintain or even improve output whilst capturing carbon for the long-term benefit of your soil and of the planet…  To see more details and to book, visit our dedicated page on Eventbrite

18 June: Weeds, Pests and Diseases WP&D

Often seen as the big challenge to food production, this seminar will explore some of the positive as well as negative aspects of WP&D.  You will learn about the “systems approach” to developing in-built resistance to many common problems and see how it is even possible to get weeds on your side at times! We will explore how WP&D become established, how they impact crops and how you are going to maintain a degree of control over their negative effects… To see more details and to book, visit our dedicated page on Eventbrite

24 June: Machinery and Tools for Growers

An in-depth look at tools and equipment needs for growers and large-scale gardeners on organic holdings. Sensible purchase and use of the right equipment can improve your production enormously. This seminar will explore the range of equipment that you may need, the services needed to maintain them and especially important – the way you can reduce energy inputs to your production. The use of horse power will be discussed, as well as the workshop facilities that you will benefit from on the farm… To see more details and to book, visit our dedicated page on Eventbrite

29 July: Irrigation and Water Management for Growers

Everything (well, almost) you need to know about irrigation from tunnels up to field scale. The weather is a fickle thing and can leave you high and dry some years or flood you out the next. So, you will need to be well equipped to cope with a dry summer and even in a normal year irrigation is an important tool to maintaining yields, continuity, and quality produce… To see more details and to book, visit our dedicated page on Eventbrite 

30 July: Extending the season for organic vegetables

This seminar is for organic producers with box schemes or other direct sales outlets; it would also be of considerable use to other growers aiming to produce a wider range of vegetables. Methods of production, storage and alternative crops will be explored. Particular emphasis will be on low-tech solutions to problems with the view to energy saving… To see more details and to book, visit our dedicated page on Eventbrite 

21 October: Green Manures for Healthy Soils and Crops

Horticultural crop systems make heavy demands on soil fertility and soil sustainability, often requiring large amounts of inputs to support fertility due to excessive nutrient losses and crop off-take. Better use of green manure systems can make dramatic improvements to soil fertility and structure, enabling a more viable and productive system whilst dramatically reducing inputs as well as enabling a more self-sustaining system. The workshop explores the way in which green manures can be integrated into cropping through modified rotations… To see more details and to book, visit our dedicated page on Eventbrite 

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