Organic imports study

Why are some organic foods imported to the UK in preference to UK sourcing?

New research study for Defra – Defra Research Project – OF0349

Christopher Stopes of EcoS Consultancy is leading a study commissioned by Defra working with Elm Farm Research Centre and Helen Browning of Eastbrook Farm.

The Organic Action Plan for England has a key target to increase the proportion of UK sourced organic food. A significant proportion of organic food that could be produced in this country is imported, the most recent survey for the England Organic Action Plan by BRC shows that in 2004 organic products such as beef, pork, brassicas (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower) and potatoes are all imported to a far greater extent (only half is UK origin) than is the case for the same products conventionally produced (where almost all is UK origin)…

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