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Dartmoor ELMs Test and Trial

Code : DART01

Contract Period : 01/01/2020 - 31/10/2021

Project Webpage :

ORC Staff Contact : Lisa Arguile

ORC is supporting Dartmoor National Park Authority Officers and the Voluntary Advisory Team in the development of a scorecard as part of their Dartmoor Environmental Land Management (ELMs) test and trial

Project Aims:

The project provides an opportunity for farmers to be engaged in the design of ELMs to identify what might work on Dartmoor and is comprised of 4 key elements:

  • Explore the role that National Park Authorities could play in shaping, facilitating and delivering ELMS.
  • Develop a blueprint for Land Management Plans with a specific focus on commons* and the link to the home farms and explore what advisor/guidance is required to support the development, implementation and monitoring of land management plans (at a farm, common and wider landscape-scale).
  • Develop and trial a ‘Payments by Results’ approach that is capable of delivering a range of public benefit objectives and could be operated on a common as well as the home farm, across farm boundaries and at a landscape scale.
  • Explore how private finance initiatives and other forms of environmental net gain* could be incorporated into ELMS at a local level

A detailed summary of the project is available on the Dartmoor Hill Farm website here

ORC's Role:

ORC have been sub-contracted, following an introductory presentation on the Public Goods Tool, to support the development of a scorecard for Public Goods delivery on home and common farms that utilises a ‘payments by results’ approach.

Project leader and partners:

Dartmoor National Park Authority (Project Lead) – Voluntary Advisory Team

All sources of funding:

Defra (ELMs)

ORC Team involved with this project

Sustainability Researcher