Factors Affecting the Use of Organic Seed by Organic Farmers in Europe

The new European Organic Regulation 2018/848 has announced the phasing out of derogations for the use of untreated non-organic seed by 2036. However, the use of organic seed by organic farmers is currently limited. This paper aims to identify the factors affecting the use of organic seed. It is based on data collected from 749 organic farmers in 20 European countries, by conducting an online survey and using a network sampling.

Research Publications

Theme: crop diversity, food systems, business markets
Published: 15th October 2020
Author: Stefano Orsini, Ambrogio Costanzo, Francesco Solfanelli, Raffaele Zanoli, Susanne Padel, Monika M. Messmer, Eva Winter and Freya Schaefer