OSCAR Cover Crop and Living Mulch Toolbox

The Cover Crop and Living Mulch Toolbox is one of the main outputs from the OSCAR European research project which focuses on developing sustainable Conservation Agriculture systems and increasing the diversity of cover crops and living mulches. The Toolbox consists of three main elements; a wiki; a species database; and a decision support tool, presented as a series of web based tools. The content draws on scientific literature, technical information and results from the field trials, it is partially user interactive and designed to be used by farmers, advisors, researchers and members of the general public. The Toolbox aims to make current knowledge on cover crops and living mulches widely available and will help you identify suitable cover crop and living mulch species and varieties as well as practical management advice. This workshop will take you through the development of the Toolbox and will include a short demonstration the different tools in the box.


Theme: crop diversity
Published: 28th January 2016