Organic for All – a new vision for organic in the UK

Apple at Tolhurst Organic. Photo: Kay Ransom
Apple at Tolhurst Organic. Photo: Kay Ransom

ORC welcomes the Soil Association’s timely announcement of their new vision for organic in the UK – Organic for All and we offer our full support and collaboration to ensure the success of the organic sector. The vision was the central theme of last week’s Organic Trade Conference. It builds on and compliments the Organic Manifesto – Championing organic within agricultural policy released by OF&G last year, and the Reboot Organic campaign launched at The Organic Growers Gathering last month.

It is clear that the major organic organisations in the UK need to work together to make this vision happen. It accords with ORC’s vision and values.

Organic is the leading certified standard that offers the consumer a clear way to ensure that the choices they make are positive for the environment and climate. We agree that:

  1. Organic must be valued. By policymakers, by the financial sector, by the public and by our economic system
  2. Organic must be supported. By policy, by farmer support and knowledge sharing, by innovation support, by effective standards and regulation,
  3. Organic must be available. In retail outlets, in public settings, in local communities and through sufficient supply chain infrastructure.

To that we would add that organic research is key to driving change and help agriculture fulfil the principles of health, ecology, fairness and care. See our research approach

Organic for All – a new vision for organic in the UK (

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