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Food Data Collaboration – Food and Farming Enterprise Research

Food Data Collaboration – Food and Farming Enterprise Research

Contract Period : 15/01/2023 - 30/11/2023

Main Funder : Food Data Collaboration

ORC Staff Contact : Rowan Dumper-Pollard

The overarching goal is to identify the conditions that must be met for produce to be sold through the Food Data Collaboration platform to ensure that the produce traded enables the vision of agroecology, food system fairness and nutrition for all.

Project Leaders and Partners

Project Aims

Research activities to be carried out by ORC

  • Background research outlining examples of projects that have aimed to create a marketplace that requires boundary conditions to be met in order to participate. 
  • Research and rationale supporting any identified framework, including why the different criteria and cut-offs for scale were chosen and any caveats or concerns identified. 
  • A framework for classifying the type and scale of a food/farming enterprise into a small and discrete set of potential scales (e.g. very small, small, medium, very large, as per National Food Strategy: The Plan). The classification scale should outline a set of food/farming sectors (e.g. salad, arable, bakery, etc.), a set of criteria (e.g. turnover, number of staff, etc.) and cut-off conditions (e.g. if turnover > X then enterprise is Y scale) that indicate the scale classification of a specific food/farming enterprise. It is expected that the criteria and cut-offs will vary across sectors. It is recognised that this will be imperfect and is intended to create a proposal for a starting point. 
  • A review of existing monitoring systems and frameworks that might be useful in ensuring those participating in the marketplace are moving in the direction of achieving the values of the commons, e.g. Global Farm Metric, Participatory Guarantee Schemes, site visits, etc. 
  • Recommendations of any monitoring appropriate for the different scales. It is anticipated that the time/resource demands of any monitoring activity may need to vary based on the scale of the food/farming enterprise to ensure they are appropriate across all scales of enterprise involved. 

ORC's Role:

Leading the project

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Senior Organic Business and Markets Researcher