Team profile

Rowan Dumper-Pollard

Job title:

Senior Organic Business and Markets Researcher

Academic qualifications:

  • BA in Politics and Sociology (University of Sussex)
  • MRes in Sustainable Futures (University of Bristol)

Role and responsibilities:

Currently I head up all Business and Markets research programs at the ORC. As such, I am responsible with ensuring we have up to date and reliable evidence that can support the business decisions of food and farming enterprises across the UK. I have come to the end of two-tear tenure as the Secretariate for UK Organic Certifiers Group (UKOCG) and Certification Body Technical Working Group (CBTWG). I sit on the steering group for CLEAR .

I also look to support and advocate for resilient local food systems and partake in cross-sector collaboration as a member of the Local Food Working Party alongside organisations working in the field of shorter, farmer focussed supply chains. I am also the project manager and lead researcher for the Organic Farm Management Handbook

Research interests:

Like many others in the team, I struggle with having too many research interests – I happily research a range of topics from the politics and sociology of food systems, food systems theories, and the sociology of consumption. Through to more practical and technical research projects where I specialise in food supply chains, agricultural economics, organic consumer market research, organic market data and UK organic policy. I have worked on a wide range of publicly and privately funded projects using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. In my time at ORC I have been able to apply my skills in an international context with EU H2020 projects such as AGROMIX  and DiverIMPACTS, and at the same time in highly localised environments as with the Joining the Dots project in Cornwall. At all times where it is applicable I will prioritise an action research framework to ensure that my research has the greatest relevance and use for all stakeholders involved.

Interests outside of ORC:

Outside of ORC I am a member of Steet Goat in Bristol which is a network of projects across Bristol using goats to convert under-utilised urban land into food and food communities. I also try to stay as involved as I can with our goat farm back in Devon. I play a lot of different racket sports and produce and DJ dance music (when I have time). I have followed Arsenal from a young age and I am looking forward to them wining the premier league this year.