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Contract Period : 29/11/2022 - 30/11/2023

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Main Funder : Susfood2 - Core Organic

ORC Staff Contact : Rowan Dumper-Pollard

FOODLEVERS (Leverage points for organic and sustainable food systems) is a three-year research project (2020-2023) that focuses on organic and sustainable food production systems across different European countries, including Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Romania, Finland and Belgium.

Project Leaders and Partners

Project Aims

FOODLEVERS aims to identify key leverage points to further develop and scale up existing innovative organic and sustainable food systems. The project will analyse several European case studies of innovative organic food systems and innovative sustainable systems and identify best practice from multiple perspectives of resource efficiency: environment, economy, social and governance.

ORC’s Role

ORC is involved in the development of data collection protocols. As well as this, ORC plays a key role in the ecosystem services assessment of selected case study farms and is a co-lead in the adaptation of the PG tool and indicators selection, organisation of indicator workshop. ORC is also assisting with socio-economic value chain assessments by helping convene interviews with experts in the UK. Finally ORC will also provide support for qualitative scenario modelling of organic consumers.


Incorporating ecosystem services in evaluating the sustainability of innovative organic farming systems using the Public Goods tool –

ORC Team involved with this project

Senior Organic Business and Markets Researcher