LIVESEED project comes to an end after 52 months

The LIVESEED project came to an end on 30 September 2021, after 52 months of activities. Started in June 2017, 51 project partners put their hearts and souls into boosting organic seed and plant breeding.

During this time, several resources, tools, practice abstracts, booklets (many of which translated into several EU languages), videos, research reports, and presentations were produced and made available through the project website. Please also visit the Organic FarmKnowledge Platform, the ECO-PB site for news connected to Organic Plant Breeding, the OrganicEPrints for scientific news in organic, and the EU Router Database.

ORC highlights include:

D4.1 Report on the relative importance of different factors encouraging farmers to use/ not use organic seed in organic supply chains

Costanzo A, Bickler C (2019) Proposal for a toolbox for identification and description of organic heterogeneous material. Liveseed D2.8


Winter E, Grovermann C, Aurbacher J, Orsini S, Schäfer F, Lazzaro M, Francesco Solfanelli, Messmer MM (2021). Sow what you sell: strategies for integrating organic breeding and seed production into value chain partnerships. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 1-28,

Orsini S, Costanzo A, Solfanelli F, Zanoli R, Padel S, Messmer MM, Winter E, Schaefer F (2020). Factors Affecting the Use of Organic Seed by Organic Farmers in Europe. Sustainability, 12, 8540:

Padel S, Orsini S, Solfanelli F, Zanoli R. Can the Market Deliver 100% Organic Seed and Varieties in Europe? Sustainability. 2021; 13(18):10305.

Costanzo A, Amos D, Bickler CTrump, A. Agronomic and genetic assessment of organic wheat performance in England: a field-scale cultivar evaluation with a network of farms. Agron. Sustain. Dev. 41, 54 (2021).

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